tiling a rendered swimming pool

My pool is rendered and I want to convert it to tiles

Few quick steps on how we complete your job:


  1. Drain pool
  2. Remove old waterline tiles
  3. Render smooth pool shell
  4. Tile and grout pool interior
  5. Fill and commission pool

The Process

  1. Contact Pool Tiling Melbourne by phone on 0419 832 195 or email tiling@pooltilingmelbourne.com.au and we will arrange a time for a free, no obligation onsite measure and quote.
  2. We will email you a written quote
  3. If you decide to proceed we will book you in and we will show you our large range of sample
    tiles to choose from

It’s that easy!


rendered pool before tiling


tiling the rendered pool


rendered pool now tiled pool

Choose your pool type to see how we can transform your pool

My Pool is Rendered and I want to convert it to a Tiled Pool?
Tiling a Rendered Pool
My Pool is Painted and I want to convert it to a Tiled Pool?
Tiling a Painted Pool
My Pool requires new Waterline Tiles?
Waterline Tiles
We want to put in a New Pool and have it Tiled
New Pool Build

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